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State Line Trail- Over 100 miles of adventurous driving, wilderness camping and spectacular hiking in the Bitterroot Mountains along the Idaho/Montana Border.   
The Camp Time® Mystery Game  is a topographic map puzzle that automatically assembles on your browser as you travel along its trails.   The puzzle takes only  22  mouse clicks to complete and win the game.
       The puzzle starts as a bike ride down a 5000' mountain into two river canyons of spectacular beauty and ruggedness.  It then continues as a 4WD trip that takes you to a spectacular cliff campsite with a view of the confluence of  two beautiful whitewater rivers (Snake and Imnaha).   The puzzle completes itself as a hike along the NeeMeePoo Trail:  a portion of actual route that Chief Joseph and his Nez Perce used in their famous "flight to freedom".  
       At the end of the game you have the option of printing your completed map puzzle and using it as a coupon worth $6 toward the purchase of  a new Table Cover for Roll-A-Table® from Camp Time® Inc. 
Big Horn Lodge,  Noxon,  MontanaAn elegant B&B lodge along the Bull River and within walking distance to the Cabinet Mtn Wilderness.  Use this clean and comfortable lodge to start your next hiking, biking, canoeing and camping experience.     

See Roll-a-Cot®, Stool, Chair and Roll-a-Table® in action at Go Camping 

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